Did Porter Robinson‘s brother just hint at new forthcoming material this year?

Last night, Mark Robinson was going on a bit of a rant over the apparent loss of creativity in every artistic space, whether it be art, fashion, music, what have you. He went on to voice his appreciation for those doing something fresh, and went on to give a shoutout to The M Machine, Anamanaguchi, and his brother, Porter, for transcending the bullshit in 2016. We could read even further into the tweet and talk about how none of the mentioned artists are tagged, and how that might further point at Mark not wanting to spill the beans, but that’s taking it a little too far.

As far as we know, there aren’t yet any Porter Robinson releases on the table for the year, so this is a delightful shred of news indeed! And “fresh shit” might not even allude to music, maybe it’s a revamping of Porter’s live show… But let’s not forget about the other implications of this tweet: new goodies from The M Machine and Anamanaguchi are supposedly on the way, as well! Whatever the truth may be, and whenever they decide to push out new material, we’ll be waiting, and we’ll be excited…


H/T EDMtunes