If you aren’t familiar with the ShadowTrix Music family yet, you should most certainly be kicking yourself. Though the imprint is less than a year old, they’ve been crushing it from the jump; consistently releasing  groundbreaking, genre bending tunes and introducing our community to a whole new roster of future all-stars. Among them is the young beat hustler we have the pleasure of introducing to you today: SuDs.

Hailing from the misty redwood forests of California’s Humboldt County, Suds‘ take on bass music production is truly something not of this world. His newest piece of work, Frostbite, showcases this over the course of nine completely original tracks, each more unique than the last. Reflecting his physical environment, these tunes are ethereal, hazy, and downright chilly at times; some are laid-back and smooth, while others have a distinct crunch to them. While maintaining a consistent style can be difficult when your tunes are so varied, he manages to curate a cohesive listening experience throughout the release. Fans of both melodic, futuristic sounds and gritty, grimy bass music will surely find common ground with this burgeoning artist. And if his originals aren’t enough to whet your sonic appetite, the album also features stellar remixes from Secret Recipe, Hypha, and Keese.

Frostbite is available now via the ShadowTrix Bandcamp for a small donation; definitely grab a copy for yourself if you’re feelin’ the vibes. In the meantime, you can check out the full stream below. Last, but far from least, SuDs is currently on tour with fellow West Coast wizard, PartyWave! It all kicks off tonight at Oakland’s Wormhole Wednesdays, full list of dates to follow.


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