Deadmau5 and his associated record label mau5trap have had quite a busy week, with a diverse host of uploads and features from their signed contributors. In addition to a brand new, original release from producer ATTLAS, the Canadian techno artist sat down with Deadmau5 to concoct the label’s second Apple Beats 1 Radio mix. Finally, both Deadmau5 and ATTLAS sit down with Microsoft to discuss their life on tour and the technology they use to perform live.

First, ATTLAS’s release. Titled “Aspen,” the song begins with an abrasive kick drum and delayed stings of a resounding, percussive synth. Light hi hats and shakers echo in the distance as the song’s energy begins to swell, until a chorus of children’s voices begin to characterize the build. Eventually, the harmonic and distorted layers of synth wash over one another with newfound meaning and power.

Mau5trap Presents Episode 2 sees a two-hour, collaborative mix between Deadmau5 and ATTLAS, each occupying half of the radio show’s allotted time. Deadmau5 takes the first portion, crafting a dark and ethereal mixture of deep techno and even some hip hop. Then, ATTLAS takes over with a slightly more upbeat and energetic collection of interesting melodies and rhythms. It can be listened to in full in the player below.

Finally this week, we’ve received an interview from the two mau5trap contributors regarding their recent tour down the east coast and subsequent use of Microsoft’s Surface for live performances and productions. The ease and customization potential of the device is something that appealed deeply to Deadmau5, he said, even making him switch his entire live set up to accommodate it midway through the tour. View the entire conversation below.