If you aren’t keeping tabs on the Bay Area’s Chillage Records by now, you are seriously slipping. This crew holds it down 24/7, consistently releasing innovative, melodic music of the utmost quality. Case in point: label head Urple Eeple‘s forthcoming Lost in Motion EP. We’ve been waiting on this one for quite some time now; once you get it into your ear canals, you’ll definitely see why. And while the full release doesn’t drop until April 15th, you can get a first listen right here with our premiere of ‘In Love’; the EP’s powerful finale.

The track draws you in immediately with its rich, wavering synth lines and warm, sensual atmosphere. Urple Eeple has a distinct knack for fusing and layering the various elements of his music, achieving sonic combinations that truly surround and envelop the listener. ‘In Love’ showcases this ability brilliantly; it sits at a crossroads of funkified left-field beats and the syrupy sounds of West coast bass, with absolutely flawless instrumentation. Each element stands out of its own accord without detracting from the overall composition; static-laden bass spalls, pitch-perfect percussion, and ethereal vocal samples all blend together in blissful harmony. There’s even a Turkish oboe in there for good measure (trust us, you’ll know it when you hear it).

In short, you don’t want to be caught sleeping on this track or the EP itself. Lost in Motion can be pre-ordered now via the Chillage Records Bandcamp and the full stream of ‘In Love’ is below. Happy listening!


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