Musicians’ tour riders have always been a thing of intense interest within the music business. From ridiculous items like Van Halen’s request for no brown M&Ms to Slayer’s “100 snow-white goats for slaughter,” artists have historically gotten very creative with their list of dressing room requirements.

While some riders are outlandish and others borderline offensive, most are modest and only contain a few essential items like socks and beverages. But regardless, getting the chance to match the artists themselves with their personal list of requests is always an interesting experience.

After calling it quits (for now), the rider for Skrillex and Diplo’s collaborative group Jack Ü has leaked its way into the public eye. From plenty of alcohol and a pair of lighters (no white), to ceramic plates and cutlery and an after-show feast of caesar salads, all of the two’s favorite backstage treats are listed. It’s important to note, however, that despite their status and booking fees, the rider is actually not super crazy – excluding the ridiculous amounts of alcohol.

Check out the full rider below.


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