One million dollars.

I hope you read that in your best Dr. Evil voice, but we’re not talking about silly Hollywood ransoms here. Aptly titled the “Package of the Gods,” $1 million is the going price of the world’s most expensive festival ticket, courtesy of Iceland’s Secret Solstice.

Last year, Secret Solstice made headlines with a $200,000 festival ticket, which at the time was the world’s most expensive. Now, they’re upping the ante by a factor of five, and the perks are insane.

Sucking it up and dishing out the $1 mil price tag gets you:

  • Return flight in a private business jet from anywhere on the planet for you and five friends
  • ‘Round the clock access to private luxury transport for a week(including drivers and security)
  • Two private concerts by prominent Icelandic musicians, helicopter transfers
  • Private aerial tour of Iceland
  • Access to the world’s first concert inside a dormant volcano (which is already sold the f*ck out)
  • Private access to Iceland’s world-famous Blue Lagoon reserved exclusively for your travel party
  • Complete access to the main Secret Solstice 2016 event
  • Loads more perks that are just too long to list

Okay, so it’s not just one ticket. The package includes five friends, so the price realistically comes out to just below $166,000 per person, so if you’re livin’ fat and happy and can afford something like this, act now.

Set to take place June 16th – 19th, Secret Solstice is certainly living up to its title as the most unique festival on Earth. For more information on the festival and the world’s most expensive ticket, visit