I’m so in awe of what I’m listening to now that I barely even know what to write. I’m so in shock that I just now found out that Rusko has been dropping a new track every day for the past fourteen days… but on the other hand, like a series that drops on Netflix, I get to listen to all of them at once instead of waiting for the next one.

He just uploaded the last one two days ago and they’re all just simply amazing. The majority of the tracks clock in at around 2 minutes or less, yet each and every one of them already sounds like a complete, fleshed out idea – in essence, Rusko sort of just made his own Fabriclive mix.

Special tracks to pay attention to are “Hot (Dub Mix),” “Massive,” “Run Tings,” “Franco-Swing” (Rusko made electroswing…), “North Pole” an old school heavy wobble…

You know what, just listen to everything. It won’t take long.