After 7 months of silence regarding Monstercat releases, Rameses B has returned to the label, possibly better than ever. While he made his debut as a house producer with “Come & Go,” Rameses B has typically been known for his signature liquid drum & bass sound, which filled the majority of his debut album Reborn. He departed from the genre for his self-released EP Limitless (as well as his last Monstercat appearance, “Faster Than Light“), but has made a clear and strong return with “Neon Rainbow.”

The track’s title almost seems to imply some kind of odd collaboration between Owl City and nanobii, but takes a surprising direction with a less wonky, more vocal centered production. This can be heavily attributed to Anna Yvette, whose vocal appearance deeply enhances the entire feel of the song. While the instrumental track is gorgeous, Yvette’s addition brings out the best pieces of the song’s rhythm and instrumentation, perfectly complimenting it in every aspect. “Neon Rainbow” is easily one of the best vocalist/producer pairings I’ve heard this year, so I hope to see the two work together again very soon.

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