A special premiere today from Husky of his new track “Stars,” featuring vocals from Official Nancie.

“I loved Nancie’s tone, strength and melodic runs, so I knew we could create something special together. I bounced a few ideas over to her, but nothing seemed to click, then she sent me a vocal she had written to some basic piano chords, and that was the moment ‘Stars’ was born.” – Husky

The track takes heavy influence from the title, with much of the lyrics relating to ‘galaxies’ and ‘outer space’ in relation to relationships and a host of other admittedly cliche themes. The track never really “drops,” but rather just switches its approach a couple times throughout the tune. For the most part, the rhythm and melody remain consistent throughout.

Next week will see the release of three remixes to ‘Stars’ ahead of its official April 29 release on Tinted Records.