Fox Stevenson is hitting another milestone as he prepares to drop his first EP on Disciple RecordsNo Fox Given, next Monday, April 18. He’s noted that this will be a heavier release than some of his previous material on cloudhead records or Spinnin’, and we’re definitely welcoming the change.

Today, though, Your EDM gets to premiere the third track from the EP, “Get Strange.” The title is pretty much giving listeners a heads up that, yeah, this track is really strange – just at first. A rather campy and enjoyable intro sequence leads to the first drop, a series of staccato bass stabs and crunchy synths that can be rather offputting without the context of the second drop.

For the second drop, all of the sounds in the first are connected by a wild and heavy bassline rhythm that sounds exactly like what we wanted to hear. Check that all out below and be sure to pre-order No Fox Given on Disciple Records if you’re enjoying what you hear.