Released just ahead of her first ever Coachella performance, Nina Las Vegas has offered up a bold release with her debut EP titled EZY or Never. 

Jostling between skittering vibes of PC Music, the bounce of Jersey club, and the synthesized dreamlands of future bass, Nina Las Vegas has just carved an even deeper niche in our hearts. It’s inventive to say the least, and the release sums up everything we love about Nina, complete with an overarching quirkiness that’s inescapably gorgeous.

Hitting off with “EZY,” we’re met with a high-velocity party ambiance that burns with a fluttering flute melody instead of vocals. It’s a decidedly raw track, and the ruffled edges make an interesting juxtaposition against that delicate topline.

“Contagious” is number two on the EP, and the vocals of Snappy Jit dance effortlessly over the bursting rhythm. It’s a rather airy tune that allows the bassline all-frequency access, and by the time the sequenced topline drops in, we’ve already deemed it a hip-thrusting classic.

The third and final tune “Now Or Never,” features the talent of C.Z. and fellow NLV labelmate Swick for. The detuned bass is even more evocative of tongue-in-cheek post-pop influence, and the offbeat accents contribute an energetic air of playfulness.

Overall, Nina Las Vegas has thrown us a massive treat that’s all too juicy to ignore. Grab EZY or Never on iTunes, and if you missed Nina’s week one appearance at Coachella, be sure to swing by her week two performance on Friday, April 22nd.

Nina Las Vegas


Nina Las Vegas - EZY Or Never EP [NLV Records]
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