Flume does it again…

His newest tune with Tove Lo isn’t supposed to be premiered on BBC Radio 1 for another hour or so, but the YouTube channel Tove Lo Brasil somehow already has the tune and it’s exceptionally beautiful.

The track is now officially out on the BBC Radio 1 stream, listen below.

Titled “Say It,” Flume’s newest song is much less dancefloor banger and much more future bass ballad, owing strongly to Tove Lo’s substantial vocals. Flume’s characteristic sound design is still unmistakable on the tune, but he definitely dials it back a little bit to let Tove Lo’s vocals shine – a choice we completely agree with.

Overall, Skin is turning out to be a very ballad-oriented album with future bass overtones. We’re still hoping that there are some hidden instrumental gems on the album that showcase a crazier side of Flume’s production. There’s also bound to be a deluxe version of the album at some point, though nothing of the sort has been alluded to. Either way, May 27 cannot come soon enough.