Major Lazer had an incredible album on their hand when they released Peace Is The Mission last year. With each single able to hold up on its own, it was an impeccably well-produced album. The opening track on the album, “Be Together,” just got an impossibly creative remix from Wildfire that you just have to listen to.

While the opening vocal rise brings to mind “Pompeii” by Bastille rather than Major Lazer, Wild Belle’s vocals come into focus soon enough and it’s all a fantastic ride from there. Though the track technically falls under the guise of “future bass,” its potential as a piece of music is truly so much more.

The vibe of the original is completely changed. Where before it was a rather straight forward emotional ballad, the remix’s use of strings and punctuated bass pads gives it a much more complex and layered identity.

This remix will likely be on repeat in my library for weeks.