Fatboy Slim and Idris Elba are teaming up once again for another stunning tune, this time for Elba’s movie Bastille Day. The track is penned under Fatboy Slim’s actual name, Norman Cook, so don’t feel jilted if the track doesn’t really sound very Fatboy Slim-esque.

“The Road Less Traveled” has a lot of jazzy chords and acoustic elements on top of a very subtle electronic undertone, giving it a more earthy and visceral texture. It will likely fit well with the overall motif of Bastille Day … or maybe not. The movie is described as “an artist and a CIA agent go on an anti-terrorist mission in France.” So perhaps this song will be in the exposition, but I don’t see it working during an undercover or action sequence.

Bastille Day is out in the UK today, rest of the world soon!

Idris Elba’s first track with Fatboy Slim was last May.