Almost everyone around the world is pre-occupied with the second weekend of Coachella right now. Because of that, most don’t know that Tomorrowland is also streaming live from Brasil this weekend!

Featuring sets fromĀ W&W, Afrojack, Armin, Stampa, Chuckie, Alesso and more, Tomorrowland Brasil is popping off. Each DJ will likely bring a bit of South American flavor to their sets in celebration of Brasil, providing an interesting experience for those who are expecting run-of-the-mill sets. This is the festival’s second year in Brasil, a nation that is devouring more and more dance music every year. With the demand for EDM in the nation, it would be foolish for Tomorrowland to not take advantage of that opportunity!

Today is the second day of Tomorrowland Brasil – the festival continues tomorrow.

Watch the Tomorrowland Brasil Live Stream