Perhaps one of the more danceable songs I’ve heard as of late, “Space Sheep” is a long-awaited collab between two of the biggest house artists in the world of dance music. Oliver Heldens first announced this track with Chocolate Puma in our interview with him last year at VELD in Toronto, at which point it was still undecided whether it would be put out under the HI-LO alter-ego or with the Heldens lead project.

Today the track surprisingly made its way to Heldeep Records‘ SoundCloud in full with an accompanying official release date of May 2.

Unique in both name and production, “Space Sheep” won’t have you writhing in the ecstasy of a powerful melodic break, but rather cutting shapes like there’s no tomorrow once the drop hits. Pitched vocals and soaring synths repeat the same circular melody throughout, but it’s one we’re sure not to get tired of anytime soon.

Check it out for yourself below.