Hailing from Berlin, one of techno’s central hubs, Ellen Allien observed and participated in the various waves through one of electronic music’s most iconic genres. In 1999 she founded the highly influential BPitch Control record label, and is celebrating a staggering 324 releases with her new EP.

Suitably titled Turn Off Your Mind, Allien’s new EP primes the listener for layered, multifaceted techno. “Hoo,” the EP’s opener, gradually adds in seemingly clashing elements to ultimately mix a dance floor-ready track. Allien cues up dark synths, high hats straight from house hits, and a psychedelic vocal sample for an 8-minute-long journey that never grows tiring.

The second and final track, “Off,” naturally flows from “Hoo” by ramping up the energy fitting for a closing send-off at a nightclub. Allien uses bone-chilling effects to give this EP closer a sinister feel, a contrast to the relatively mild tone of “Hoo.” The EP’s title comes into play as a distant voice chants, “Turn off your mind,” before Allien drops into a full-on techno assault complete with acid synths. The tracks will certainly add two great tools for techno and house DJs, but their ubiquity might get lost in a crowd of similar-sounding songs. On their own the tracks work wonderfully, and we can’t wait to see how Allien implements them in her upcoming sets.

Head over to Beatport to purchase the Turn Off Your Mind EP, and listen to the EP’s below:

Ellen Allien Cements Herself as the Techno Queen With "Turn Off Your Mind" EP
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