Kill Them With Colour is back! The Toronto native, hometown hero if you ask me, returns with more original material following the success of his Get High EP and picks up right where he left off – with soulful, dance-able house music that just refuses to fit into one box.

“Breakout” features the vocal talents of Fridaee, a soulful vocalist who adds a raw, emotional dimension to the stripped down production of KTWC. For me, “Breakout” channels a mental image of a dark club with hundreds of people dancing and KTWC doesn’t let us down one bit on the production end. Wes twists and turns through wobbles and stripped down bass-line and navigates around the murky waters of house music touching upon elements from deep house to future house and everything in between.

“Breakout” is the debut single from a forthcoming collaborative EP between both musicians, so look forward to more material to come.