LA-based producer Gryffin burst onto the scene after introducing his live setup at this year’s SnowGlobe festival in Lake Tahoe, CA. Since then, the up-and-coming artist has performed in front of huge crowds at events like San Diego’s CRSSD and Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. Alongside his chart-topping debut single “Heading Home,” Gryffin has also completely sold out his ongoing live tour, and added a special final tour stop at The Observatory Orange County on May 10th to celebrate his rising success.

Now, the multi-instrumental artist returns this week with a striking rendition of CHVRCHES “Clearest Blue.” Gryffin takes the indietronica elements of the original and infuses it with a resonating piano melody and warbling bass line to craft a melodic house masterpiece. The remix is just one of many amazing releases this producer has in store for this year, so keep an eye out for more of Gryffin’s impressive tunes in the months to come.

In addition to this stunning official remix of CHVRCHES, Gryffin will be making his way up the coast to San Francisco tomorrow, more specifically Rickshaw Stop, for his second sold-out show in the Bay Area on his Heading Home tour. Selling out two shows in San Francisco is no easy feat for even some of the biggest artists in the world right now, and Gryffin managed to sell out his second show in less than an year – an impressive achievement for the talented up-and-comer, and an ode to Gryffin’s rising popularity.

This second show at Rickshaw Stop is a can’t-miss opportunity to catch Gryffin in an intimate club setting before he turns to the next chapter of his impressive career, especially with this live setup as he is wrapping up his debut Heading Home tour.