Hyper Potions – the dynamic duo made up of Sushi Killer and Kevin Villecco – is a perfect example of a Monstercat success story. After their collaboration “Anime Bae” was welcomed as an instant classic on the label, the two created their combined moniker and have released strictly on Monstercat since then. The duo has also released numerous successful collaborations with artists like Subtact and Richard Caddock, and even made their way onto League of Legends’ Warsongs remix album.

After some pretty stellar releases, I was curious to see what Hyper Potions could follow up with. Many fans speculated a debut EP was on its way due to a series of teasers that the duo uploaded last week. Although the teasers turned out to be in anticipation for new Hyper Potions merch, Sunday afternoon brought news of their next song, “Unbreakable,” which would be released the following day.

Although “Unbreakable” isn’t completely out of the park, it is definitely a step in the right direction, pushing the duo away from their more comfortable future bass style and into some new territories; house, in this case. Taking a similar style to their Stephen Walking collaboration “Saturday Morning Space Ride,” the single is bright, wonky and energetic, which is improved only by Danyka Nadeau‘s excellent vocal appearance.

Listen to “Unbreakable” and buy the track below:

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