Yesterday, Youtube announced that it would be adding six-second advertisement units to videos that will be unable to be skipped by users.

“Bumpers,” as they’ll be called, will serve as optimized ways for advertisers to tell a lengthier story over the course of multiple, six-second clips, brands found. Atlantic Records, among many others, have already begun to use the format to promote Rudimental’s new album.

Fiona Byers, senior marketing manager of Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group, described the way that combining the new Bumpers with already-established TrueView ads (the skippable-after-five-seconds ones) creates a far more effective campaign.

“[Bumpers] each gave a short sharp insight into a featured artist and individual track on the album, with TrueView providing the fuller story around the album and the band. When used in conjunction, TrueView plus Bumpers really work more effectively than either format on its own.”

The addition of Bumper ads also provide the opportunity for brands to more accurately and deeply measure the “viewability” and effectiveness of their ads.

“We like to think of Bumper ads as little haikus of video ads – and we’re excited to see what the creative community will do with them.” – Zach Lupei, video ads product manager

Watch a few examples of upcoming Bumper ads below.


Source: Business Insider