Ever since the Krewella sisters’ messy falling out with their former producer Rain Man, the conversations circulating their act have been saturated with controversy. From their stint with Deadmau5 to a consistently outspoken dialogue about the situation, the two’s connection and subsequent, rough departure from Rain Man have yet to be left out of their general public image.

Thankfully, since enough time has finally passed, Krewella has begun to develop a sense of humor about the entire incident. This evening, they even went as far as to use their image as part of a new and interesting form of promotion never before seen from their camp. The sisters took to their Facebook and Instagram pages to upload an endearing acapella rap using the format from Kanye’s recent “I Love Kanye” track from The Life of Pablo.

During the song, Yasmine delves into “the old Krewella,” including common complaints and criticisms from their fans. Near the end of the video, she even reveals the release of some new Krewella material planned for tomorrow.

“F** it, tomorrow we’ll give you all some new Krewella.”

Watch the full clip below, and check back here tomorrow to listen to the new track and enjoy a short preview here.