After yesterday’s expected leak, the official stream for Kesha & Zedd’s collaboration “True Colors” is out today. The official stream confirms that the leak was legitimate, so you won’t be hearing anything new here. However it is important to note that this is Kesha’s first release since 2012… and 4 years is an awfully long time.

This song marks Kesha’s first musical release since the beginning of her legal proceedings with her manager/producer in October 2014. The song is extremely reflective of her current feelings and outlook, with lyrics like “I’m not afraid/All my life, one page at a time/I’ll show you mine, my true colors/No I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes/Let me show you my true colors/It ain’t your rainbow.”

However Kesha may relate to the lyrics in the track, the song itself is actually jointly signed to Interscope, Kemosabe, and RCA, meaning Kesha still hasn’t broken free of Dr. Luke.

Listen below.

Some people have actually begun to create conspiracy theories, actually, about the true origins of this collaboration. Interestingly enough, when Zedd’s True Colors leaked a couple weeks prior to its official release date, all of the metadata and audio was correct except for one small discrepancy… Kesha was listed as a featured artist on “True Colors.”

Now, the album was released nearly a year ago today, and Zedd didn’t publicly offer his services to Kesha until February this year, so it’s highly suspect that Kesha’s name would appear on the metadata for the album, even if it was a leak.

For now, these threads don’t really go anywhere, but it’s definitely something interesting to consider.


Image via Rukes