The Internet erupted into a veritable sh*tstorm today after Danny Grant, head of Melbourne-based promotion agency Loud Entertainment, posted a particularly delectable Facebook status regarding the integrity of ghost producers. The over saturation of ghost production within the dance music scene, he wrote, is a primary source of the “demise of EDM.” Despite the public’s blatant awareness of its presence, and general openness about the practice behind the scenes, Grant asked why those of us in the industry are so sworn to secrecy.

“What i don’t understand is the excuses people use to justify why they/their artists have ghost writers. If your artist/you aren’t ashamed of it then why not openly admit it? Because no matter which way you spin it to justify it to yourself secretly you are ashamed of what you are doing.”

As his post went viral and began to amass hundreds of likes and shares, Grant vowed to release the names of several prominent producers who may not be on everyone’s radar as a ghost-user. Comments and conversations quickly exploded, as the list of names started to leak out.

Steve Aoki, Timmy Trumpet, Hannah Wants, Tiƫsto, DVBBS, Tigerlily, The Stafford Brothers and more were either implicated by Grant or acknowledged by him when others pointed them out. After about three hours of mayhem, however, Grant announced that he was told he would be facing legal action from a major Australian agency were he to continue dropping names.

To be clear, they were only accusations and Grant provided no actual evidence to his assertions.

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