It used to be that you needed experience, money, and notoriety to gain a name for yourself in the world of dance music, or music in general, for that matter. Now, with the proliferation of free services, stolen DAWs, and the internet, getting noticed at even 13 or 14 isn’t out of the question. Add to the equation a nation like the Netherlands that has historically put out a large number of prolific DJs, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

DJ Mag just put together a list of their Top 10 young, Dutch producers – and before you discount this list for coming from DJ Mag, keep in mind that this is a curated list (as opposed to votes), and the list you all undoubtedly hate so much was chosen by your peers.

Most of the names on this list are unfortunately still small and unknown, but we’ve already talked plenty about the #1 name before: Mesto. This young producer is a friend and protege of another Dutch wonderkind, Martin Garrix.

This is just another distinction under the young producer’s belt, as he’s sure to move on to bigger things soon. Check out all his music and relatively new mix show here.

The others in the list, in order from #10 to #2, are: IZECOLD, Kuiters, Montis, pnut & Jelly, Jordi Rivera, Rannix, Ben Kuringen, Thomas La Salle, and Givano.