Despite Coachella captivating the eyes of hundreds of thousands over its two weekends, whether via live stream or at the festival itself, Tomorrowland Brasil still managed to capture the hearts of tens of thousands more. The festival fell on the second weekend of Coachella and was thus overshadowed a bit, but part of Tomorrowland’s charm comes in its brilliantly produced aftermovies, of which Brasil 2016 is no different.

After a brief couple of interviews with attendees, the aftermovie begins to show the magic that Brasil and Tomorrowland had to offer attendees during both the night and the day.

In addition, Tomorrowland UNITE will be returning for its second year, where it will be hosted inĀ Mexico, India, Japan, Colombia, Germany, South Africa and Israel.

As you might remember, the UNITE event hosts a live stream of the Tomorrowland festival main stage from Boom, Belgium with additional DJ sets on site. Stay tuned for more information on who’s playing the UNITE stages in each country!