If you’re finding that coffee isn’t quite enough to keep you perky on this breezy Monday morning, just strap on the nearest pair of headphones. Shlump, one of the West Coast’s rapidly rising stars, is here with a fresh new album that will have you bouncing off those start-of-the-week blues in no time flat.

Featuring ten all-original tracks, Fracture both adheres to and departs from this beat-hustling rudeboy’s signature style. Bass is the name of the game here, with elements of trap, dubstep, and grime all well represented. Booming 808s fuel the album’s progression, pounding and rolling the listener into submission. While the drums clatter and bang, wonky synth stabs and melodies flit and flutter throughout the maelstrom of low-end. Shlump has a distinctly gritty sound design and is happy to showcase it throughout the release. However, he’s also the last one to be afraid of trying something new; there are several spacey, more downtempo tunes hiding among the heavy grinders. On these, ambient atmospheres and laid-back rhythms take center stage alongside new avenues of composition for this young music-maker; we guarantee you won’t be expecting that 4×4 breakdown when it hits. As the cherry on top, the album also contains four stellar remixes from fellow West Coast icons Trevor Kelly, BOATS, Partywave, and newcomer PROKO.

Shlump has released Fracture via the forever forward-thinking ShadowTrix Music; the full album is available on the label’s Bandcamp. Check out the stream after the jump and grab a copy of your own if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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