Coachella isn’t without its fair share of beggars or ne’er-do-wells, so it’s really not that uncommon for someone to weasel their way into some place they shouldn’t be. As Flume was taking the stage weekend two of the annual Indio festival, his manager was watching the scene unfold from behind the lighting desk out in the crowd. As Flume began to play however, two women began dancing in front of the booth completely blocking his view.

As any manager would do, he went to go remove them – but he was stopped by bodyguards. Because those women were Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid.

“I was playing at Coachella week two and my manager was watching the show from the lighting desk out in the crowd and these two girls came up and started dancing in front of him, like really full on,” Flume told Australian radio station Nova.

“And he was like, ‘God damn it, I need to get these girls out of here,’ so he went to kick them out and realized it was Taylor Swift and her friend, that Gigi Hadid girl’.”

When his manager approached the pair, their bodyguards who were standing nearby stepped in.

“Their security guard went up to him and goes ‘You’re not kicking them out,'” Flume laughed. “It was all pretty funny.”

The manager apparently failed to recognize Swift as this was just after she had dyed her hair platinum and cut it short, so one could say that it was an honest mistake. Nonetheless, he’ll likely be getting shit for it for the rest of his career – all in good fun, of course.


H/T TV3 | Image via Pias Nites