I’m going to start this review with a bit of upfront honesty – I get so many email submissions a day that it’s often easier for me to just say that I’m too busy and not have to deal with listening or writing a review. When I was pitched this track, that was my intention. However, I had a lull in work and decided to listen to it. To say that Tom Redwood swayed my apathy into intense interest is a huge compliment to his skill and technique as an artist.

Not to be outdone by anyone else, Tom Redwood remixed his own single “I’ve Fallen For You” (more commonly referred to as just a VIP), and it’s absolutely heavenly bliss. The build makes it seem like any typical tropical house tune, but the drop is so much more. The deep bassline and powerful brass horns give it a lot more depth than your typical shallow trop house ditty.

I’ll likely have this one on repeat for a while.