Four years ago at a series of Swedish House Mafia concerts over three nights at Phoenix Parks in Dublin, Ireland, tragedy occurred when a seemingly random number of violent attacks broke out in addition to drug incidents 4 years ago. This resulted in 3 deaths and 9 people stabbed. Today, one of the victims, Niall Davey, settled a claim with festival organizers for €60,000 in damages.

Mr. Davey was assaulted and stabbed in the back by a man, while others in a group kicked and punched him in the head. This same group of males was allegedly kicking mud in people’s faces for two hours at the July 7th concert leading up to their vicious assault on Mr. Davey. Security temporarily managed to put a stop to this group of males while they were kicking mud, but they were forced to retreat shortly after the attack took place.

Davey had sued the event organizers ranging from the show promoters to the event’s fire safety organizers and security before he settled on a damage claim.


H/T: Independent