Madeon is still one of our favorite artists in the electronic dance music sphere despite not releasing new music for quite some time now. We ranked his early 2015 album, Adventure, #2 on our annual top EDM albums list and now eagerly await new music from the young prodigy.

As you might recall, the youngster got his start with his highly lauded remix of deadmau5‘s “Raise Your Weapon,” and soon skyrocketed as an international sensation.

This pivotal moment in his career is one that he wouldn’t have seen without the help of Joel Zimmerman, who played a similar role in the early success of Skrillex.

Just recently, Madeon DM’d deadmau5 on Twitter thanking him for his early support and exuding his gratefulness in a sincere, albeit inebriated manner. The mau5, of course, promptly made it public, evidently delighted that he is “still capable of making some people happy.”

Check it out below: