Four years ago, Deadmau5 enlisted help from vocalist Chris James to craft one of the most iconic and timeless tracks of his career. “The Veldt” has gone down in modern history as one of the Canadian producer’s several “magnum opuses,” alongside such classics as “Strobe,” “Some Chords,” “Raise Your Weapon” and “Ghosts n Stuff.”

The story behind the creation of “The Veldt,” however, is easily the most inspiring out of the group. After Deadmau5 was inspired by a short story by author Ray Bradbury, the instrumental for the track was crafted on its lonesome. Later on, James submitted his idea for vocals and imediately blew Deadmau5 away. The result was a masterpiece of a collaboration, and one that continues to get stuck in the heads of his worldwide listener base and beyond.

Revisit the track below, and watch Deadmau5’s reaction at hearing James’s vocals for the very first time further down.