Producer Brtrnd, known for his gritty and visceral creations, has teamed up with Mo Vibez and longtime collaborator Tibe to create a brand new, original called “Obstruction.” The work seamlessly blends the unique styles and influences from the three contributors, resulting in a soulful and powerful amalgam of layers and vibes. It’s currently available for free download below.

The track begins with scattered metallic hits, shakes and snaps while a slowly approaching series of layered synth wipes reaches the front of the mix. Soon, more ordered percussion takes over the focus above a warm sub bass and distant rim shots. A gentle but distinct blip punctuates the air above the layered synth ripples, and a stuttering array of percussive hits speckles the background. The track ends with a melancholy progression of chords that fades into silence.

Click here to download the track for free!