Future bass’s biggest anonymous DJ is coming to Monstercat. While no one could have predicted someone of Marshmello‘s caliber coming to the label, suspicions started rising on Monday when Sacha Melki (Monstercat’s new A&R) hinted at something big coming this week.

This was confirmed by Monstercat’s official Twitter later in the day, saying an announcement would come with their 105th podcast.

Podcast listeners were met with upcoming releases from Melano and Noisestorm, neither of which seemed to come with the “huge announcement” Predictbot had mentioned. A few tracks later, however, fans got their wish. With a short introduction from Marshmello himself, “Alone” had its very first play.

Marshmello is the biggest artist to join Monstercat yet, so this announcement definitely came as a huge surprise. None of us should be extremely shocked, though. With his protege Slushii joining the label last month with “Emptiness,” Marshmello actually makes for a very likely Monstercat candidate.

If you missed the premiere, don’t fret! The full podcast will be available on Monstercat’s YouTube channel this Thursday, followed by the track’s release on Friday.