DJ Kasey Roy Taylor and club promoter Robert Charles Oung collectively swallowed a kilogram of ketamine in an attempt to smuggle the drug past Australian customs.

The two were arrested in the Melbourne Airport after returning from Asia, and had been under heavy surveillance for several months leading up to their arrest. Taylor and Oung each swallowed a whopping 500 grams of ketamine, but were unsuccessful in their attempt to fool security.

Drug task force detectives also raided two associated Melbourne nightclubs, including Brunswick’s Railway Hotel, uncovering large quantities of cash, amphetamines, ecstasy, and cocaine, which have seen the owners charged with serious drug trafficking charges. It seems DJ Kasey Taylor has already been released on bail and was seen at the Railway Hotel with friends this last weekend.

While drugs are an undeniable part of every music culture, it’s unfortunate to see the trade so ingrained in established venues such as this.


H/T The Age