When it was announced that Noisestorm had a new single coming, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Would he return with another trap banger following the success of “Antihero,” or would he come back with another breakbeat masterpiece to mirror hits like “Sentinel” and “Barracuda?” Whatever I was expecting, it most definitely was not this.

Early in Noisestorm/Eoin O’Broin’s career, drum & bass was not an uncommon thing to hear from the aspiring producer. However, getting more and more experimental with each track, O’Broin pushed into riskier territory and just about left DnB behind. Although we got a small taste of Noisestorm’s 170 BPM madness with his 2015 single “Heist,” we haven’t heard a regular Noisestorm drum & bass track since his liquid mix of “Surge” in 2014.

The most surprising bit of “Leaving Now” isn’t even its genre placement, but rather the fact that a more traditional approach to vocals is taken with it. In fact, this is Noisestorm’s first single to ever have any kind of lyrical content other than a pre-drop one-liner like “let’s go,” “here we go” or “break it down.” O’Broin even said in a short 2014 interview that he had no plans to work with vocalists in the traditional sense, but would continue using vocals in a more chopped and processed way.

I, for one, am glad Noisestorm stepped up and experimented with this one, because the results are absolutely stunning. Listen to “Leaving Now” and buy the track below:

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