If you had told me six months ago that Pierce FultonBotnek and Loosid were going to soon be on Monstercat‘s roster, I would be skeptical but not necessarily surprised. If you had told me Marshmello was coming? I wouldn’t have believed it, period.

On Tuesday, thousands of Monstercat fans tuned into the Monstercat Podcast in anticipation of a “huge announcement.” Those who tuned in had the opportunity to hear the world premiere of Marshmello’s Monstercat debut, “Alone.”

This is arguably one of Mello’s best works to date, combining all the attributes that make his music great – like his greasy basslines, euphoric vocals and infectious melodies – into one 4-minute masterpiece. If you weren’t a fan of Marshmello before, you definitely will be after giving this one a run through.

Listen to “Alone” and buy the track below:

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Image via Marshmello