As artists get more popular, the opportunity to learn more about them through interviews, video clips, and news pieces dwindles. Agents hide artists behind mysterious campaigns and filtered releases, causing a rift between the artist and the fans. One notable exception to this phenomenon is the always-hysterical Dillon Francis, who only grows more connected to his fans as he gets more popular.

In a new 16-minute video interview with Australian outlet Life Without Andy, Dillon Francis gets very candid on a number of topics. Francis opens the interview by saying he sees many artists attempting to portray excessive personalities as “forced,” and that he won’t be buying the new blink-182 album since Tom DeLonge is no longer the lead singer of the band. He also commented on Kanye West‘s cameo during Jack Ü‘s set at Coachella, thinking Kanye purposely trolled the collaborative Skrillex and Diplo set.

The interview took a more serious turn when the interviewer asked about politics, and Francis revealed that he undoubtedly supports Bernie Sanders‘s #feelthebern movement over the polarizing U.S. presidential run from Republican candidate Donald Drumpf. Francis even went so far as to say he would move to Croatia if Drumpf was elected president. On the topic of Australia, Francis expressed dislike for Mike Baird, the current Premier of New South Wales, and his attempts to make protesting illegal.

Francis finished the interview by discussing his new album, which he is currently working on and developing. He admitted that there’s a lot of new songs that wouldn’t be included, and said those songs would become one-off collaborations with other artists, revealing that a new collaboration with Flosstradamus is to come in the future.

Watch the interview below to learn more about the above and about Francis’ thoughts on Desiigner, Flosstradamus’ activities on 4/20, and more: