Livescape Group just unveiled their It’s The Ship 2016 cruise, and while that’s big news in itself, something else has our attention. They’re offering a premium “Baller” package to the tune of $500,000 if you feel the need to prove how low your chain hangs.

“The buyer and five of his or her guests can expect to be treated lavishly, with the package including perks such as private jet transfers, a limited edition luxury watch, pre and post IT’S THE SHIP holidays, naming rights to a stage, their own fireworks display, and more.”

Well, damn

Getting to name your own stage is pretty badass, and we’re hoping whoever purchases the package goes with something naughty, like “The Blumpkin Patch.” Still, it’s pretty awesome that the organizers are extending the list of perks past the main cruise, and it’s hard not to think about Secret Solstice’s million-dollar ticket.

Regardless of whether or not you buy the “Baller” package, you can still be a baller at heart. Taking place November 4-7th and starting in Singapore, this is one experience you won’t want to miss. Click here for more details.


H/T Noise Porn