The forthcoming Gorillaz album has been a hot topic of speculation for the past year now, but it looks like we’ve got some exciting news for you – especially for hip-hop fans.

Damon Albarn supposedly has an incredible list of collaborators up his sleeve, and it looks like rapper Vic Mensa will be one of them. In a photo posted on Instagram by Remi Kabaka, a producer known for his work with Gorillaz, Remi alludes to the fact that Vic will be a collaborator by supposedly tagging him in said Instagram photo along with Gorillaz in the caption. Note that the photo geo-tag is also set to Chicago which is Vic Mensa’s home city.

Though Remi has since deleted the tag in the caption, keen-eyed Reddit user JordanPowers95 who first shared the post noted that Vic had been tagged originally.

“Once I saw Vic Mensa on a list of rappers from Chicago and I remembered him talking about wanting to work with Damon after he performed Clint Eastwood live with The Heavy Seas on Damon’s Everyday Robots tour, I knew it had to be him.”

Whether or not Vic Mensa actually ends up in the album is still in the air, but this should prove to be some welcome news for Gorillaz’s fans.

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H/T: Consequence of Sound, Reddit