If you thought “Lean On” and “Where Are Ü Now” were massive hits, just wait. Diplo is combining the best of both worlds as he teased yesterday a Justin Bieber and Major Lazer collaboration that is just waiting to be played on all of your favorite radio stations.

Skrillex & Diplo have stated in the past that they wanted to work with Bieber on more material, but he’s just such a busy person that it’s difficult to get him in the studio. Seems that they found the time, however, since a track definitely exists.

There’s a lot of questions as to what this track could sound like. No, it’s obvious that it’s going to be pop-oriented. But the direction of which can vary as wildly as “Lean On” and “Where Are Ü Now,” or even “Sorry.”

The big question here is who will have more influence on the final product: Diplo & Major Lazer’s dancehall roots, or Bieber’s unquestioning pop aesthetic? Time will tell.