Play Me Records has once again set forth a whirlwind of 174 productions with their newest drum and bass-centered release from American artist Des McMahon. With four tracks condensed into a grim-natured neurofunk EP, releases like this accurately represent American drum and bass.

My personal favorite of the bunch is “Voodoo.” While it may not be aptly grouped into the neurofunk category like the others, it packs just as much of a groove as the others of  its group. With a cinematically somber introduction, until the bass line gets a tease in the buildup, I was otherwise caught off guard as to what the outcome would be. The brilliant additional variation in the switch up makes for a tightly-tuned…. well, tune!

In addition to the neck-jerking brilliance of the other tunes, don’t sleep on the mesmerizing guitar collaboration with Stephen Parsons in the title track. Everything about this tune reminds me of classic Noisia.

You can purchase the entire EP here.