Die Antwoord has made a career out of being one of the weirdest acts to grace music. Their own brand of mini-culture known as Zef, as well as the odd personalities of both Yolandi and Ninja, are paramount to both their attractiveness as an act as well as what usually turns people off.

This latest Suck On This mixtape is so essentially “Die Antwoord” that it’s scary. Right from the spoken word intro, to the second track talking about literal anal sex, this is Die Antwoord at their most bare and genuine.

Going into this mixtape wondering what Die Antwoord is all about is definitely a recipe for disaster. On the other hand, diehard fans will likely find this mixtape more than enjoyable. Check it out below, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

A message from NINJA:

Hi my name is NINJA. I’m from South Africa. I rap in a band called DIE ANTWOORD with my home girl ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER.

Our style is a little unusual, and we don’t really know what’s going on with anything because we from out of town, but we love learning and trying new shit out.

DIE ANTWOORD are busy finishing up the new album we been working on for the last 2 years called WE HAVE CANDY that we made with THE BLACK GOAT and GOD in the SOUL ASSASSINS studios in Los Angeles.

So anyway, about 2 months ago we found out that rappers in the USA usually drop a free mixtape for their fans before they drop their album. So we thought, “Hey we wanna do that!”

THE BLACK GOAT showed us how you make a mixtape which was so fuckin fun! And we decided to call our 1st mixtape SUCK ON THIS!

THE BLACK GOAT said that there are no rules to making a mixtape and that you can do whatever you want, which is our favourite style.

THE BLACK GOAT also told us that mixtapes often have remixes on them.

DIE ANTWOORD has never allowed anyone to remix any of our songs, ever!

So, we quickly popped out some fresh NEW tracks for our mixtape, and we also thought it would be really special to ask THE BLACK GOAT and GOD to remix some of our old shit.

We thought it would be a fun discipline to remix our most popular shit and make the remixes better than the originals, which was a seemingly impossible task, but you know how we roll

So kick back, pop some shamps or crack a brew, spark a fat blunt, and SUCK ON THIS