It’s beyond me why anyone would blatantly rip a track and sell it as their own. Not only does it ravage any figments of artistry held by the guilty party, but do they really think no one is going to notice?

Deadmau5 is the latest victim of this rather disgusting occurrence, and once again Twitter served as the platform for the battle. FAKU of Play Time Records has released a track called “Purple Eyes” that is an obvious rip off of some unreleased work from deadmau5. Should it have been a simple SoundCloud upload, or made from the mau5’s recently released sample pack, this wouldn’t have been an issue. However, as it stands, Play Time Records is selling a flagrant rip of deadmau5 on Beatport.

While DJ Snake and Diplo had an unfounded freakout over David Guetta’s supposed rip off of “Lean On,” the resemblance between FAKU’s “Purple Eyes” and deadmau5′ “Sellout” is too strong to ignore. Scope the tweets below and watch the comparison to decide for yourself.