Getting to premiere music from Steerner is always a treat. Not only is he an excellent writer & producer, but he’s easily one of the industry’s most kind and genuine people, so writing nice things about him is never an issue.

Steerner has made big waves on labels like ArmadaEnhanced and PRMD, but some of his biggest hits – like the smash “Crystals” that we premiered last year – have been free releases. To celebrate 100,000 Facebook likes, the Swedish talent is also releasing his long-awaited single “Polar” for free.

“Polar” is a collaboration with fellow up-and-coming Swedish producers Blume and Wholm. Since all three artists are heavily influenced by the stylistic approaches of Avicii, some similarities can definitely be drawn with this track, but they definitely aren’t overwhelming. Basically, the sound of “Polar” is exactly what you’d want to hear in a celebratory Steerner track: it’s gorgeous, melodic, anthemic and mainstage-ready.

Listen to “Polar” below and grab your free download here: