Flume’s album is out now. Stream here.

We’ve been buzzing about Flume recently, and seeing as his long-awaited Skin LP is due out this Friday, the excitement isn’t going anywhere but up. Of course, we’re ready for anything, especially after hearing the eclectic singles he’s so graciously offered thus far.

It’s clear that Flume is evolving, updating, and exploring with this album, and any great artist should do just that. However, the impetus for Flume’s doing so wasn’t what we expected. Hordes of producers looking to capitalize on the Aussie’s appetizing new sound forced him to ditch what we’ve previously understood to be “Flume.”

I do, I have to move on but as annoying as it is – it’s also flattering and it also means I move forward rather than just get lazy and keep using the same sounds.”

In an interview with Triple J’s Richard Kingsmill, Flume explained, “It was a difficult second record. I had moments where I couldn’t write; had moments where I was writing lots. It was just a massive learning process for me.”

It’s moves like this that reaffirm Flume’s wealth of talent, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. If Skin resembles anything like the abstract depths of “Wall Fuck,” I certainly wouldn’t mind…


H/T Tonedeaf