I don’t usually share music videos, but this live music video uploaded by YouTube powerhouse Chill Nation is one of the most interesting music videos I’ve seen so I thought I’d go ahead and share it.

While “Everyday” is nice enough, a jazzy ambient track featuring a whole different of instrumentals, this live music video really adds another dimension to the track with a super-cool visual element.

The live music video features what looks like a full-band taking playing out the track. From the drums, to the guitars, keyboard, and synthesizers, there’s a person playing out each of the track’s instrumental elements, while one of the guitarists is even shown working on his computer. The colors change as the song progresses and the silhouettes of every musician display clouds and city-scapes.

From reading about it, it might seem like there’s a lot going on, but there’s really not. Visually, it’s super cool to see a track like this deconstructed into each of its individual elements. Props to SMLE on a video well done.