Knife Party can safely claim their role as a pillar of today’s electrohouse scene. Though they certainly weren’t the first to thrash our ears with blistering modulation, their 100% No Modern Talking EP was epic to say the least. In an unexpected collaboration with Steve Aoki, “Piledriver” became one of Knife Party’s most acclaimed tracks, despite the tune never seeing an official release.

Now, thanks to YouTuber sgtstickey1, we’ve finally got our hands on the unreleased music video directed by Mike “Diva” Dahlquist. The video’s aesthetic is caught somewhere between the films of Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino, and the playful yet aggressive story is emphasized by segments of animated gore. There are even some great cameos, like one from classic mob type Vinnie Jones. Feast your eyes below.


H/T Dancing Astronaut