Between a constant online presence, brand new studio build, a bus tour, and manning a label, deadmau5 has been keeping pretty busy this year. However, the mau5 has been promising an album sometime this year, and now that we’re nearly half-way through 2016, some of us are getting a little antsy.

One YouTube user has just uploaded a continuous mix of deadmau5′ unreleased material that’s been featured on SoundCloud and various streams. Including a full tracklist, this is a more comprehensive endeavor than we would have expected, not to mention the track order’s intelligently curation as well.

A while ago, deadmau5 tweeted that he had six tracks left to finish for the upcoming album. That seems like a decent amount, but judging by his workflow and how much material he has to pull from, the new LP is likely to come sooner than later.


01. Imaginary Friends (Original Mix) 0:00
02. gg (Original Mix) 7:30
03. Chimaera (Original Mix) 14:05
04. No Problem (Original Mix) 17:10
05. Saved (Original Mix) 24:02
06. Sellout (Original Mix) 33:05
07. Whelk Then (Original Mix) 38:50
08. 4ware 01 (Original Mix) 43:25
09. Beneath With Me (ft. Skylar Grey) [Original Mix] 51:24
10. Nvidia (Taken from his Livestream) 57:24
11. The City (deadmau5 Remix) 01:01:50