Duo Dropout have just compiled two of the prettiest and most vocal-centered swayers in recent months into a beautiful and heartfelt mashup cover. Flume and Kai‘s “Never Be Like You” and Gnash and Olivia O’Brien‘s “I Hate U, I Love U” are completely reimagined and woven together throughout the length of the cover, giving both the melodies and lyrical substance a new environment to dwell in.

Vocalist Anna Clendening takes the lead during the cover, lending a new voice and emotional tone to the words we’ve come to know. Meanwhile, Dropout’s production follows a melancholy and powerful arrangement that rises and falls in accordance with Clendening’s vocals. The result is a totally fresh yet very familiar collection of intersecting components and influences.

Take a listen to “Never Hate U” below, and scroll further down to compare it to the two originals.

Image: Tynan Daniels